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Carl Peters and German Imperialism 1856-1918 Carl Peters 1856 1918 ranked among Germany s most prominent imperialists in the Bismarckian and Wilhelmine periods In the 1880s he emerged as a leader of the colonial movement and became known as the founder of Deutsch Ostafrika, a region many Germans regarded as the pearl of their overseas possessions In Nazi Germany he was revered as a precursor of Hitler and ascended retrospectively to new glory as a pioneer in the struggle for Lebensraum This scholarly biography examines Peters s nationalist agenda and sheds light on his colonial expeditions into East Africa It seeks to explain how this young academic who had written about Schopenhauer and metaphysics eventually became a skilful agitator for a German world empire. Read Carl Peters and German Imperialism 1856-1918 author Arne Perras – quickpaydayloansonlineuk.co.uk