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Exploring Texas Skies with Children Guide your family on a wondrous voyage of discovery through the skies of Texas Even if you live where city lights hide most of the stars, there is still much to see in the sky after dark and yet during the day Discover how the stars of spring are different from those of summer, fall, and winter Probe the mysteries of the Moon and the Sun how the Moon changes shape each month, and why the Sun neither rises nor sets in the same place or at the same time from day to day Learn how to choose the best binoculars, telescope, or computer software to enhance your family s exploration of space.Weather is also an important part of exploring the skies of Texas Learn how vapor trails left by high altitude jets, as well as the types of clouds you see in daytime skies, can help predict sky conditions that night.And for further discoveries, visit the planetariums, observatories, dark sky sites, star parties, and space museums of Texas All of this and is waiting for you and your family in Exploring Texas Skies with Children. Read Exploring Texas Skies with Children By C. Dean Andersson –