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The Little Pot Boiler A delightful collection of Milligan s little gems, drawings, poems, etc Best Download Books The Little Pot Boiler author Spike Milligan –

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  1. You know how you sometimes borrow a book from a friend and then just don t quite get around to returning it for a while This is my personal record borrowed in 1976, returned in 2009 Anyway, it s now with its rightful owner again Unfortunately, having given it back, I no longer have it to hand when I want to quote some of the poems From memory, here are the ones I liked best My NoseMy nose, my nose lived dangerouslyIts courage was no stunt Throughout the goriest battlesMy nose...

  2. Quick little read typical of his witty self, if verging on the mega childish.

  3. British That was going to be the sum total of my review, but just in case you wouldn t understand that as a compliment, or why British only warranted 2 stars, here are a fewcomments It definitely is a product of its time, a 60s era British humorfest of pre Gilliam art cut up humor, puns, one liners, observational sketches, and Spike Milligan being Spike Milligan The occasional shout outs as the kids say to his fellow Goon Show members are li...

  4. Yet another one from my youth Reading it again, I can see how myself and my father could be thought of as really really annoying Still, I ve had Bump going through my mind all bloody week and now you can too Things t...

  5. A slight thing but some lovely little bits of milligan

  6. Not Milligan s best work, but bits are wonderful and the rest is good enough.

  7. Fun and silly

  8. I would ve appreciated thisif I had read it during that Just Discovering Monty Python and Humor Outside American TV Variety Shows and Newspaper Comic Strips phase we all go through.

  9. R s just reminded me I read this book a long long time ago I preferred Puckoon.